BAIT 15 is an artist run studio and exhibition space located in a residential neighborhood of downtown Abu Dhabi founded in late 2017 by Afra Al Dhaheri, Hashel Al Lamki, and Maitha Abdalla. The villa housing BAIT includes; studios, one for each of the members, a dedicated studio for the use of visiting artists, and an exhibition space. The founders have disparate studio practices encompassing a variety of media including painting, sculpture, digital media, and performance. 

BAIT was conceived from a shared need for studio space and a mutual desire to establish an artist run gallery. By being artist managed and funded BAIT’s mission is open and flexible and can continuously adapt to the emerging art scene of the UAE. It will be guided by the work made in our studios, the exhibitions we hold, and the artists, curators, and communities we engage with.  

We will welcome a wide range of artistic opinions and critical approaches into group shows, discussions, and workshops. BAIT has the potential to become a crossing point between production and exhibition, continuing the tradition of artists, locally and internationally, situating themselves in spaces and discourses of their own making.