b. Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1988 uses a wide range of media, including drawing, painting, sculpture and

installation, photography and printmaking. Her heavily process driven practice is forged through

these material explorations, underpinned by conceptual and poetic cogitation. Al Dhaheri’s work

is rooted in her experiences growing up in Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE – a place of recent and

rapid change, where deconstruction, reconfiguration and development are always present on

your immediate periphery, a footstep beyond your home threshold.

Al Dhaheri has exhibited internationally and has been an integral part of exhibition programmes

in the UAE. She was shown as part of ‘Emirati Expressions’ (2011 and 2015) and worked as an

intern at the Guggenheim Museum New York and the Venice Biennale in 2011. It was this

exposure to a diversity of creative practices and milieus that led the artist to develop a pop-up

art collective project across alternative spaces called ARTwec. In 2014, Al Dhaheri graduated from

The Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship, in partnership with the Rhode Island

School of Design, going on to study a painting MFA in 2015, also at RISD. Her First Solo show was

hosted by T+H Gallery, Boston.